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Azuki is the femslash ship between Azula and Suki from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Suki and Azula first met when Suki was protecting Appa. Azula and her group showed up to attack and Suki sent Appa away. Azula made fun of Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors and asked if they were the Avatar's fan girls. Suki fought hard against Azula but was eventually captured and imprisoned. Azula stole Suki's make-up and uniform in order to infiltrate Ba Sing Se. At some point, Azula also visited Suki while she was in prison. Suki talked about Sokka and said that he would come to save her. Azula would later tell Sokka everything that she said. Sokka eventually rescued Suki from the Boiling Rock along with Zuko. Azula tried to stop them and also later attacked them at the Western Air Temple but they got away.


Azuki has a small amount of popularity in the Avatar fandom. It mainly stems from the fact that Azula considered Suki to be her favorite prisoner. This does imply that she frequently visited her while she was in prison. A lot fans claim that this implies that Azula did something to Suki whenever she was in prison. Suki was dating Sokka but some fans wanted to see her with Azula instead.



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  • Azula referred to Suki as her "favorite prisoner" which many fans think implies prison rape.