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Axel is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is number VIII of Organization XIII and is known as the flurry of dancing flames. Axel commands the element of fire and uses chakrams as a weapon. He is the nobody of a boy named Lea from Radiant Garden.


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Axel and Saïx were best friends before becoming nobodies. They were known as Lea and Isa back then and spent a lot of time together. Lea and Isa tried to sneak into Ansem's castle multiple times and were eventually turned into heartless. Their nobodies were then created and recruited into Organization XIII. Axel and Saïx initially had plans to overthrow the organization but grew apart as Axel became friends with Roxas. They eventually became enemies. Lea later became whole again and looked for Isa. He eventually found him working for Master Xehanort and was disappointed.


Axel befriended Roxas after the latter joined the organization. He was in charge of his training mission and ate sea-salt ice cream together almost every day. Axel did not know this, but he eventually gained a heart through his friendship with him. Roxas eventually turned against the organization and Axel was determined to bring him back. However, he failed to do so and Roxas merged with Sora. Axel later turned on the organization as well in order to help Sora. He mentioned that Sora made him the same as Roxas. Axel later sacrificed himself and he was able to telepathically say goodbye to Roxas.


Axel was slightly jealous of Xion upon returning from Castle Oblivion as he was worried that Roxas replaced him with her. However, once he agreed to become her friend, she pulled her hood down and revealed her face to him. Axel was shocked but began to care for her as a friend. Xion left the organization multiple times and Axel kept having to bring her back. He tried to comfort her when she felt different from everybody. Axel later learned of her true nature and tried to stop her and Roxas from absorbing each other. However, Roxas eventually absorbed Xion and Axel lamented in his room that this had to occur.


Axel is a very popular Kingdom Hearts character if not the most popular. He has a lot of fans girls as he is regarded by many to be physically attractive. Axel is possibly the most popular member of Organization XIII and many fans were upset when he died but were happy when he came back as Lea. Axel is the target of many slash ships, with AkuRoku being the most popular due to his close friendship with Roxas. There are other popular slash ships involving him such as AkuSai. Het ships involving Axel are not as popular but he is sometimes shipped with females such as Larxene or Xion.


  • Axel was originally supposed to die after his fight with Roxas but he ended up playing a larger role in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Even after become Lea again, everybody still called him Axel. He eventually gave up and allowed people to still call him Axel.
  • Lea's name is pronounced as "Lee" and not "Lee-ah" because the latter is typically a name for females. It is only spelled as Lea because is works with the name Axel.