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Asami Sato is a character in the The Legend of Korra series.


Asami is the current owner of Future Industries and girlfriend to Avatar Korra.



Bosami - the ship between Bolin and Asami
Irosami - the ship between Iroh and Asami
Masami - the ship between Mako and Asami
Varrisami - the ship between Iknik Blackstone Varrick and Asami


Korrasami - the ship between Korra and Asami



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Asami first met Mako when she crashed into him with her moped. She immediately apologized and invited him out on a date. They hit it off. Asami and Mako talked about their pasts involving the death of a parent at the hands of a firebender. Asami told Mako that she felt safe with him. She also convinced her father to give his pro-bending team the money they need to enter the tournament. However, Mako had feelings for Korra and they kissed at one point. Asami eventually found out and was upset about this. It would later lead to their break up.

Six months later, Asami found out that Mako and Korra had broken up. Mako and Asami went on a mission together to trap somebody who had been bombing supply ships. However, it turned out that someone was actually trying to distract Asami so that they could steal her supplies. Asami was devastated but Mako refused to give up. Asami then kissed Mako but quickly apologized. Later, Asami convinced Mako to join her on a date and they kissed but were interrupted by the cops who came to arrest Mako. He was eventually released from prison, but Korra arrived and kissed Mako, having forgotten about the break up. Mako lied about the situation to avoid hurting her feelings. Mako and Asami were done for good after this point but remained friends.


Main article: Korrasami

Asami first met Korra when she was at her gala with Mako. She stated that Mako said a lot about her but Korra rudely replied that he never talked about her. Still, Asami was always friendly with Korra and gave her support. She even invited Korra over to her mansion and took her driving on their test track. Korra apologized immediately afterwards and Asami accepted her apology. It was later revealed that Asami's own father was an Equalist, so Korra invited her to go live at Air Temple Island.

Asami eventually found out that Korra liked Mako but harbored no ill feelings for her. In fact, when her relationship fell apart because of Mako's feelings for Korra, she held no ill-will towards Korra and placed the entirety of the blame on Mako. Asami continued to support Korra against Amon and Unalaq. Following Harmonic Convergence, they became even closer. They even bonded over talking about Mako while Asami was teaching Korra how to drive.

Asami joined Korra in helping her find new airbenders and eventually the Red Lotus who was trying to capture her. At one point, Korra was in the Spirit World, and two Red Lotus members came after her body. Asami held onto Korra while trying to escape on Naga but they were captured by the Earth Queen's forces. They worked together and managed to escape from an airship. Korra eventually turned herself over to Zaheer when the Air Nation was threatened. Asami initially protested to this but Korra had made up her mind. Asami also later had to watch in fear while Korra was near death after being poisoned. Korra was later confined to a wheelchair and Asami helped her get around. She held Korra's hand and told her that she was there if she ever needed to talk.

Korra eventually left to recover at the South Pole. Asami offered to go with Korra, but she insisted that it would not be for long. However, Korra ended up being gone for three years. Asami wrote a lot of letters to Korra and she eventually wrote back. Asami found out that Korra could not go into the Avatar State and was worried about her. Korra eventually returned and they went out to lunch along with Mako. Asami complimented her hair which made her blush. Asami initially got upset with Korra when she expressed concern over her seeing her father but they eventually calmed down.

After the final battle, Asami sat down with Korra at Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding. Korra finally apologized for being gone for three years. Asami was just glad that Korra was with her now and did not want to lose her as she already lost her father. Korra comforted Asami as she teared up over this. Asami mentioned that she could use a vacation and Korra agreed to go with her. They decided to go to the Spirit World. They walked into the portal together while holding hands and then gazed into each other's eyes. Their romantic relationship started at this point.


Fans had mixed reactions of Asami as soon as she was introduced. Many found her character to be suspicious and accused her of being an Equalist. A lot of fans were reminded of Lust from Full Metal Alchemist. However, it turned out that only Asami's father was an Equalist and that the creators had not yet seen Full Metal Alchemist when creating her design. Following Book One, many fans began to ship Korra with Asami and a large amount of fan fiction was written about her being with Korra. When Korrasami became canon in the series finale, the fans celebrated an wrote a lot of fan fiction about them adopting children.



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  • Asami was originally supposed to be an Equalist like her father, but this was changed because the creators thought that her character was too good to waste.
  • Instead of gold/amber-colored eyes like most other people with Fire Nation-ancestry, Asami actually has green eyes. While it's confirmed that Asami's dad, Hiroshi, is of Fire Nation descent, he doesn't have green eyes like his daughter and Asami's eye color is never explained.
    • It's possible that Asami's mother, Yasuko, was actually of Earth Kingdom-descent and had green eyes like Asami does, since many people from the Earth Kingdom have green eyes.