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Ariel is a character in the Disney series as well as the Kingdom Hearts series. She is a mermaid who is a princess of Atlantica and the seventh daughter of King Triton. Ariel was eventually turned into a human so that she could marry Prince Eric.


  • Eriel - Eric and Ariel
  • Sorariel - Sora and Ariel

Canon Relationships

Prince Eric

Ariel first saw Prince Eric when she was watching a boat full of humans and immediately found him to be attractive. A storm eventually wrecked the ship so she saved him while he was floating on debris. Ariel brought Eric to the shore and sang about how she wished that she could join him. He eventually woke up so she quickly scurried away. Ariel continued to watch him from a rock and sang about how she wished she could be with him among the humans.

Ariel continued to think about Eric and was very happy. However, her father King Triton eventually found out about this and destroys all of her human objects. Ursula eventually manipulated Ariel into striking a deal with her at the cost of her voice and the agreement that she would belong to her if she couldn't get Eric to kiss within three days. She almost managed to accomplish this but Flotsam and Jetsam intervened.

The next day, Ariel found out that Eric decided to get married to a woman named Vanessa and was devastated. However, it turned out that she was actually Ursula in disguise and was brainwashing him. Scuttle helped expose her and got Ariel's voice back. However, her time was up so she turned back into a mermaid but luckily King Triton took her place. Eric helped defeat Ursula with a ship.

Ariel silently watched Eric on the beach again. King Triton finally realized the error of his ways and turned her into a human. She and Eric then got married on a boat. Years later, they had a daughter named Melody. Ariel was concerned about her interacting with the mermaids after Ursula's sister came after her so Eric agreed to build a wall around the island to keep Melody from leaving.


In the Kingdom Hearts series, Ariel met Sora when he arrived in Atlantica. He made up the excuse that he was not used to swimming in Atlantica so she helped him learn how to swim as a merman. Ariel confided in Sora about the fact that she wished to travel to other worlds. She eventually learned the truth about him being from another world from Ursula but was not upset about the fact that he lied. In fact, Ariel felt inspired by Sora and hoped that she could travel to other worlds like he did.

Over one year later, Sora returned to Atlantica. He had forgotten how to swim as a merman so Ariel helped him re-learn. She was very interested in the human world at that point so Sora decided to join her in the musical in order to help keep her occupied. However, it turned out that he just wanted her to be happy and eventually helped her get with Eric.


Ariel is a rather popular Disney character and is one of the most popular Disney princesses. A big reason for this is the fact that she never judged humans and always took action. Some criticize her for the fact that she kept whining and disobeying her father and causing trouble yet still ended up getting what she wanted in the end, though others counter that none of the trouble creted by disobeying her father would have happened if her father hadn't been so restrictive and prejudiced. In the Kingdom Hearts fandom, a lot of fans complain about the fact that she is not a princess of heart and feel that she deserves it more than Alice does. Ariel is usually shipped with her canon love interest Prince Eric but is occasionally shipped with Sora in the Kingdom Hearts fandom.




Melody is the daughter of Ariel and Eric and the princess of Eric's kingdom. She is rather tomboyish and was twelve years old in the movie that she starred in, though she was first shown as an infant. Melody always had a fascination in the ocean but was prevented from leaving the island due to the fact that Ursula's sister Morgana was after her. Despite her mother's over protectiveness and the wall around the island, she often sneaked out and went swimming. Melody was manipulated by Morgana and briefly turned into a mermaid but eventually set things right and reunited the land with the sea.


  • Despite the fact that Ariel is a Disney princess, she was not a princess of heart in the Kingdom Hearts series. This is most likely due to the fact that she is a mermaid and would not easily be able to travel to other worlds, as she never became a human in the first game.