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Aqua is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. She is a keyblade master from the Land of Departure who trained under Master Eraqus and was best friends with Terra and Ventus. Aqua is currently trapped in the Realm of Darkness.


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Aqua has been friends with Terra for a long time and both trained under Master Eraqus together. They shared a dream of becoming a keyblade master. Eventually, they took their Mark of Mastery exam together but only Aqua passed. Eraqus still sent them both on a mission but ordered Aqua to keep an eye on Terra and bring him back if need be. Aqua refused to believe that Terra stole Aurora's heart and told Ven not to listen to what Maleficent said. Aqua eventually encountered Terra in Radiant Garden and was mad when he learned that she was keeping an eye on them.

Aqua and Terra continued to travel the worlds separately. At one point, Aqua saw Terra's wooden keyblade left in a treasure chest in Neverland. Vanitas briefly stole it and snapped in half which enraged but she eventually got it back and taped back together. Aqua later learned from Yen Sid that Eraqus was killed and was in denial of the possibility that Terra was the one who killed him. Terra later told Aqua that this was the case and that Eraqus was going to kill Ven to which Aqua was understanding. They faced off against Master Xehanort who ended up possessing Terra. Aqua tried to save him and stopped him from falling into the Realm of Darkness but had to fall in herself as a consequence.


Aqua met Ventus when Xehanort brought him to the Land of Departure. She and Terra bombarded him with questions which caused him to pass out because he lost his memory. After he woke up, he joined him in their training under Master Eraqus and shared their dream of becoming a keyblade master. After the Mark of Mastery exam, Ven ran away so Aqua was sent to retrieve him. She kept trying to convince him to come hope but he kept refusing.

Aqua eventually encountered Ven in Radiant Garden and he got mad her for trying to bring him home and said that she changed after becoming a keyblade master. However, they were on better terms by the time that they and Terra reunited in the Keyblade Graveyard. Ventus explained the X-blade and asked them to destroy him if need be and Aqua comforted him. The group then battled Master Xehanort. Ven was frozen and Aqua had to catch him. Vanitas knocked her unconscious and when she woke up, she found that he had possessed Ven and was forced to fight him. Ven's heart was later shattered so Aqua brought him to the Land of Departure and left him in the Chamber of Waking. She turned the world into Castle Oblivion in order to protect him.


Aqua met Zack in Olympus Coliseum. They fought in the tournament but were very friendly about it afterwards. Zack revealed that Hades attempted to corrupt him so Aqua avenged him in her match against Hades. After their match, Zack tried to ask Aqua on a date. She explained that she was busy with her mission so Zack decided that they would go on a date once he became a true hero. Aqua said that she could not make such a promise but Zack still insisted before leaving. Hercules then arrived and pointed out that Aqua was blushing, showing that she was clearly flustered by the situation.


Aqua is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts character and is one of the most popular female characters of the series. She may not be as popular as the other two members of her trio because many find her story to be the hardest as her game-play style relies more on casting magic. However, many fans admire her for her bravery and selflessness. When it comes to shipping, Aqua is most often shipped with Terra. However, quite a few fans also ship her Zack because of the moment when he asked her on a date. Some also ship her with Ventus or even Vanitas.


  • Aqua's name means "water" in Latin which parallels Kairi's name meaning "sea" in Japanese.