Anti-SoKai is a Het ship between Anti-Sora and Kairi in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Anti-Sora and Kairi have never been seen interacting directly though they were present in the same scene. Sora arrived on Captain Hook's pirate ship and Riku revealed that he had a comatose Kairi. Riku then used his heartless powers to create Anti-Sora from Sora's shadow before having him dropped through a trap door. Riku later escaped the world with Kairi and left Anti-Sora behind to stall Sora.


Anti-SoKai has a rather large amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom despite the fact that it is considered to be a crack ship. The concept of "opposites attract" is often what appeals to the fans. Kairi has a pure heart of light because she is a princess of heart while Anti-Sora is a pureblood heartless who was created from Sora's shadow. Since Anti-Sora is essentially a replica of Sora, many fans feel that Kairi could be attracted to him as well.


  • Some fans have mistaken the name "Anti-SoKai" as referring to hate against the SoKai ship instead of being the ship between Anti-Sora and Kairi.