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I told you. Athena always, always has a plan.
—Annabeth to Percy, in The Lightning Thief

Annabeth Chase is a Greek demigod who predominantly appears in the Percy Jackson and The Heroes of Olympus fandom.


Annabeth is the daughter of Athena and Fredrick Chase, and cousin of Norse demigod Magnus Chase. She is the head counsellor of Cabin 6 and the official architect of Olympus after The Last Olympian.



Annalypso — the ship between Annabeth and Calypso
Claribeth — the ship between Annabeth and Clarisse La Rue
Pipabeth — the ship between Piper McLean and Annabeth
Rachabeth — the ship between Rachel Dare and Annabeth
Reynabeth — the ship between Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano and Annabeth
Thaliabeth — the ship between Thalia Grace and Annabeth


Lukabeth — the ship between Annabeth and Luke Castellan
Percabeth — the ship between Annabeth and Percy Jackson


Jercybeth — the ship between Percy Jackson, Jason Grace and Annabeth
Pipercabeth — the ship between Percy Jackson, Piper McLean and Annabeth
Pipeynabeth — the ship between Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano, Piper McLean and Annabeth


Alexabeth — the ship between Annabeth and Alex Fierro


Percy Jackson

I've been waiting a long time for a quest, seaweed brain. Athena is no fan of Poseidon, but if you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to keep you from messing up.
—Annabeth to Percy, in The Lightning Thief

When Percy wakes up he describes Annabeth as a "pretty girl, her blond hair curled like a princess". After he faints, she nurses him back to health. When he wakes up for a few minutes, she is feeding him ambrosia. She tells him that he drools in his sleep. During their quest, Annabeth and Percy both feel awkward at stepping into the Tunnel of Love. They eventually go in, which leads to Percy saving Annabeth from the spiders that are part of the trap designed by Hephaestus to catch Ares and Aphrodite.

When Percy meets Aphrodite in The Titan's Curse, she makes Percy reveal aloud that the reason for going on the quest was mostly about Annabeth. Annabeth wanted to go back to holding the sky so Artemis could fight, but Percy took the weight. Later, while she seemed grateful to all of the people who rescued her, she expressed her gratitude mostly to Percy. At the end during the Olympian party Percy suggests they fin


Percy and Annabeth (taken from viria on tumblr)

ish their dance and she smiles, takes his hand, and they dance. Percy hears a slow song and wonders what other music everyone else hears.

During breakfast one day, Annabeth broke the rules and sat at Percy's table (like really close to him) to talk about their upcoming quest, which Percy really liked. Before the quest, Annabeth and Percy hugged. Annabeth got extremely jealous and moody every time Percy mentioned Rachel Dare. When they found the Labyrinth, Annabeth held Percy's hands which to Percy if it was public, he would have been embarrassed, but it was dark and they were together. Then, when Percy walks into the Athena Cabin to talk to Annabeth, he asks her what the last part of the prophecy was about. In response, she tears up and holds out her hands, and Percy walks over and hugs her. In Mt. St. Helens, when Percy risked his life so Annabeth could get to safety, she kissed him and disappeared, putting on her magic Yankees cap. She and the rest of camp presumed he was dead, as he was stuck on Ogygia for two weeks. When he returns, Annabeth hugs him fiercely until she realized she was making a scene. She was furious at Percy for being gone so long, and when she figures out where he has been marooned to (and had been with Atlas' daughter, Calypso), she gets even madder with extreme jealousy. When they return to Camp Half-Blood, and when Percy is about to go, their relationship is slightly shaky. As Percy and Annabeth are inspecting the cabins at camp and arrive at Athena's, Annabeth begins to say something about her feelings for Percy, but is interrupted by Annabeth's second-in-command Malcolm. When Percy was about to get stabbed at his one weak point during a battle (he would have died immediately), Annabeth intercepted the blow even though Percy never told her where his weak spot was. Percy immediately became very defensive of her, making sure no one touched her. Kronos found this interesting. Later, as Annabeth was healing, she and Percy were immersed in a conversation that was quickly escalating into a romantic moment, but Connor interrupted and stated that Grover had arrived.

On the way to Mount Olympus, they cross the dangerously crumbling bridge. Everyone gets to the other side safely except Annabeth. She almost falls, but Percy saves her with the help of his friends. As Percy pulls her back up, they realize that their arms around each other and awkwardly untangle themselves.

Near the end, as Percy is being offered immortality and life in Olympus, Annabeth feels horrified that Percy would leave her, similar to the way Percy felt when she almost became a Hunter. He turns down the offer, primarily because of Annabeth, and she cries in relief. Back at camp, Annabeth holds a private birthday party for Percy, with a homemade cupcake. Percy confesses his vision in the River Styx. He tries to tell her how he feels about her, but Annabeth simply smiles at him, as if she was trying to hold in her laughter. Percy complains that she isn't making things easy for him, to which Annabeth replies by putting her arms around his neck and saying that she would never make things easy for him. She kisses him there and then, while Percy states that he felt like his brain was melting right through his body, and that he could stay like that forever.

However, the campers, lead by Clarisse La Rue, interrupt and pick them both up, but allow them to be close enough to hold hands. They dump Percy and Annabeth into the lake, expecting them to resurface. But because Percy is a son of Poseidon, he creates an air bubble around the two of them, and they share what Percy describes as "the best underwater kiss of all time". They officially start their relationship, and when Annabeth says she wants to be an architect to make something permanent, Percy says that they were "off to a great start." Grover remarks that he is still Percy's best friend and that nothing has changed - "except for Annabeth". Percy replies by saying that "That's different", to which Grover agrees.

Annabeth admits at sixteen that she had a crush on Percy since the age of twelve.

Luke Castellan

Family, Luke. You promised.
—Annabeth to Luke, in The Last Olympian

When Annabeth was only seven, and had run away from home, Luke and Thalia found her in the woods. She had already had bad experiences with monsters at her young age, and started hitting a hammer on Luke. Luke calms her down by saying that they were "monster fighters" too. Luke and Thalia made a silent decision that they would protect this girl no matter what it takes because, like them, even she had bad experiences with her family. Annabeth started to like Luke when he trusted her with his celestial bronze knife on the streets. She thought of him as her hero and always believed and trusted him.

During the events of The Lightning Thief, before Percy and Annabeth began to develop feelings for each other, Annabeth introduces Luke to Percy and acts shy around him. When Grover, Annabeth, and Percy sent an Iris message to camp, Luke appears on the other side of the rainbow and Annabeth immediately tries to clean herself off and begins to mess with her hair. After Luke betrays the camp and almost kills Percy, she takes it very hard.

It was Annabeth's goal rom The Sea Of Monsters to The Last Olympian to rescue Luke from getting evil.

Luke Castellan-Viria

Luke Castellan, her former crush

During the events of the next few books, Annabeth begins to show feelings for Percy, but every time Percy brings up the fact that they have to stop Luke, Annabeth would always defend him as if Luke never turned bad. Even during the events of The Titan's Curse when Percy believed that Luke was dead from the 50 metre fall from the cliff, Annabeth knew that he wasn’t. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy believes that Luke has become completely lost to them after forcing Percy to fight another demigod and almost kills Annabeth and Rachel Elizabeth Dare. When he makes off handed remarks after they escape about how evil Luke has become, this greatly upsets Annabeth and she begins to yell at Percy for being so cold.

During the Battle of Manhattan, Luke asks Annabeth whether she ever loved him while taking her hand. Percy looks at her, "drinking in the fact that she was still there" and Annabeth tells Luke "You were like a brother to me, Luke, but I didn't love you." Luke just nods, having expected this, and dies moments later.

In The Lost Hero, Jason says after Annabeth tells him about the pictures on the wall next to Thalia's bed, in Zeus' cabin, that maybe Percy Jackson wasn't the only boy Annabeth liked.