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Amon is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He was the leader of the Equalists who turned out to be a waterbender and bloodbender from the Northern Water Tribe. His real name was Noatak and he was the son of Yakone and older brother of Tarrlok.


Het Ships

Slash Ships

Canon Relationships

Amon did not have any known relationships in the canon series. Some fans speculate that he may have been involved with the Lieutenant, but this was never shown or confirmed.


Amon is a very popular character and was especially popular during Book One. However, as the series progressed, many fans began to forget about him. When he was first introduced, Among was shrouded in mystery as his identity was unknown. He claimed to be a non-bender who lost his parents to a firebender and many fans believed this. There were many theories about his real identity. Some speculated that he might be a bloodbender who is related to Tarrlok and Yakone. This turned out to be correct. Some were disappointed by this because they wanted Amon to be a non-bender and felt that be was more bad-ass when his identity was unknown.

When it comes to shipping, Amon is most often shipped with the Lieutenant. This is mainly based on the fact that the Lieutenant dedicated his life to Amon. He also was not upset when the Lieutenant attacked him upon discovering that he was a bloodbender. Amon is also often shipped with Korra. This pairing was mostly popular during Book One but it still has its fans. Amon was also shipped with Tarrlok before it was discovered that they are brothers. However, some fans still like to ship him with his brother.


  • Even though Amon was killed at the end of the first book, he still appeared in one of Korra's visions in every book.

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