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Allurance is the het ship between Allura and Lance from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 1


In the Rise of Voltron, Lance, Keith, Shiro, Pidge, and Hunk enter the Castle of Lions, and find the Stasis Pod Chamber. Allura’s pod opens, and she collapses. Lance catches her with his arms before she can hit the floor. She looks up at him confused. Lance looks at her, a blush forming, and says hello. Allura questions who he is and where is she. He introduces himself and flirts, which she pays little attention to and comments about how ugly his ears are. Upset by the comment, he tells her he heard her. Allura then locks Lance’s arm in a hold and questions what's going on. In pain, Lance tells her about the Blue Lion, and she releases him.

Allurance S1Ch1 6

When Allura assigns a Lion to each Paladin, she begins her explanation about the Blue Lion only to be interrupted by Lance confidently trying to guess it takes the most handsome and best pilot, a smile on his face, and making eyes at the princess. Allura looks at him with an annoyed look and moves on to the Yellow Lion.


When Sendak arrives and demands the Lions, Allura proposes to activate the particle barrier for defense. Lance replies that she has activated his particles only to have his flirting attempt shot down and interrupted in turn by an irate Shiro.

Almost immediately, Hunk proposes they escape. Lance seconds that and proposes to take Allura. They stay to fight so his attempt fails.


In Fall of the Castle of Lions, Allura chats telepathically with the mice. One of them combs its hair and alters its eyes to imitate Lance in a cocky pose and using its tail as a stick or sword. Allura watches with flat eyes and a chagrined look and comments: “That seems like Lance”.

Slightly after, a bomb from Sendak destroys the Castle’s crystal and leaves Lance severely wounded. Allura is the first to notice Lance on the floor and exclaims his name (in a worried tone). Since the Castle has no power, Allura points out the infirmary pods will not work to heal Lance. She leaves, however, to help Keith while Shiro stays with Lance (displaying relatively little concern for the injured Paladin).
In Taking Flight, Allura looks at Lance inside the healing pod with slight worry. When Keith tries to interrupt the procedure, she angrily stops him and demands a bit more time so the process is 100% complete. This is the first time she shows concern and does something for his well-being as she wants him to be fully healed. Although, she gets distracted by a tick/second comparison the next instant.

Mere seconds (or ticks) later, the pod opens and Lance exits, weak and disoriented. Allura smiles when she sees him. Lance asks what happened. She tells him (with a soft pat on his back) they will tell him while he eats and asks is he can walk. Lance responds if she is asking him on a date (with his classic flirting tone). She immediately puts flat eyes, an evidently annoyed face, retires her hand of his back and turns away crossing her arms.

When Rolo sends his distress signal, Lance tries to woo Nyma, constantly flirting with her even in front with Allura. She does not display signs of jealousy, but she does display slight annoyance (along with Shiro) yet again.


In Rebirth, Allura needs to land on the Balmera. When she proposes to go, Lance has a surprised look. She space-jumps from the Castle. Lance is the first that sees her and asks if it’s her before engaging the Robeast with the rest of Team Voltron.


In Collection and Extraction, Pidge browses the extracted memories from Sendak looking for info or a weakness to exploit. Lance says that when they do, they can challenge Zarkon. He then fantasizes himself atop of the defeated Galra Emperor, a flag with his face, the Paladins giving him a thumbs up and Allura idolizing him. Of course, the gang (except Pidge) look at him upset with flat eyes.


While Pidge is trying to reprogram a sentry, Lance asks her and Hunk if Allura talks about him when he’s not in the room. Hunk replies that she does so all the time, with a blushing face and then asks Hunk to swear not to tell. This is false and an attempt by Hunk to make fun of and get his hopes up (as almost all previous interactions have resulted in an annoyed Allura). Lance gets very excited by this answer only to be interrupted by the smashing hand from the sentry to the face knocking him out (caused by Pidge who sarcastically says “whoops”).


Allura gets captured. Lance is shocked (like everyone) but he does not say anything about it until the following chapter. In The Black Paladin, Keith proposes (to everyone’s surprise) not to go to rescue Allura in order not to risk Voltron. Lance responds in a serious tone that he is afraid to do the right thing: rescuing Allura no matter the stakes. He does not hesitate nor object to enlist for this mission and begins to compute scenarios to infiltrate Zarkon’s base. This is the first time Lance displays concern for the Princess. Most probably, it is because of his Paladin code and his duty to Voltron since up to this point he has not shown any signs of real affection or feelings for her (all their interactions have been Lance flirting).

Season 2


In Shiro’s Escape, Team Voltron meets Ulaz. Shiro wants to go to the Marmora post for answers, Pidge to see the space pocket technology and Hunk for food. Allura wants to stay in the Castle, and Lance volunteers to stay with her for her protection (with his classic flirting tone and face). As usual, the Princess looks back with flat eyes and vocally shows her disapproval with slight disgust.


In Eye of the Storm, Zarkon chases Team Voltron with a giant fleet of cruisers, destroyers and his command ship, forcing them to flee thru a worm hole. The physical stress of the wormhole creation causes Allura to weaken, sweat and collapse from the exhaustion. While the Paladins just approach her and stand nearby, Lance is the first to kneel next to her followed by Coran (everyone being very worried). This is the second time Lance displays a sincere concern for the Princess and her well-being.


In The Ark of Taujeer, Allura thinks Zarkon is tracking them because of her. Lance resorts to his usual flirting by saying he would absolutely travel across the galaxy to find her. Allura again displays a slight annoyance. Their interaction is interrupted by Keith (thinking he is the one Zarkon is tracking), and the topic is dropped.


Keith and Allura launch in a pod to test their theory. When Coran informs this, Lance becomes evidently jealous and even considers the possibility of them being a couple (“sitting in a tree”). Shiro orders that the pod is contacted. Lance immediately seconds that order. Allura and Keith decide to stay away. This is the first time Lance gets jealous because of Allura being with someone else.


NOTE: Keith and Allura’s chat does not end well. Keith considers the possibility that some Galra may be good while Allura throws them all in one basket and rules them evil no matter what. Allura even gets a bit angry while Keith looks disappointed/surprised by her hate towards the Galra. So, Lance’s theory is immediately debunked and proven incorrect (although he does not know that).

When Keith joins the fight (with Allura as passenger), Lance asks is she is there. Keith replies she is. Lance jealously asks if she is WITH him (again supposing they are a couple). Hunk interrupts asking for assistance.


In Space Mall, Coran proposes to visit a black market site (in reality, no different than typical mall) to acquire items to repair the damaged teludav wormhole generator. Lance approaches Allura with a flirting tone (although not as evident or heavy as previous times) and offers to take her shopping and buy her “something sparkly”. Coran immediately interferes and denies such plan. In contrast to all their previous interactions, Allura actually likes the idea and shows excitement/enthusiasm about it by commenting that she would love something sparkly (with a big smile and little stars shining next to her face). Coran rejects the plan again leaving the Princess shot down and visibly disappointed (flat eyes, smile erased and stars gone). This is the first positive interaction between the two as it is the first time Allura does not get annoyed by Lance or his advances. Unfortunately, Lance does not seize this opportunity to give Allura something nice. Pidge and Lance use the money they got to buy a video game console (which does not work because they don’t have a TV set to plug it into) and a cow (that came free with the purchase).


In the Belly of the Weblum, the Team splits to accomplish different tasks. Lance asks Allura for a good luck/goodbye kiss. Once again, Allura and Coran look back with flat eyes and annoyance. Coran grabs one of the Altean mice and puts it in his lips, much to Lance’s shock. This is the last flirting attempt made by Lance as their interactions change significantly a few chapters later.

Season 3


After Shiro’s disappearance in the aftermath of the epic battle against Zarkon, Team Voltron must reshuffle the Paladins to find someone to pilot the Black Lion. After presenting themselves in The Red Paladin, Keith is chosen (an event Lance reluctantly accepts). Prince Lotor arrives with his destroyer and engages the gang. However, the Blue Lion does not grant Lance access anymore. When Allura goes to investigate, she finds a sad Lance who now questions if he is even fit to be a Paladin. They hear a roar... from the Red Lion. Allura recognizes it and orders Lance to go to it. He thinks the call is for her, but she replies that although she would love that to be true, she knows that Red is not for her but for him (to Lance’s confusion). With a pep talk and her hand on his shoulder (which surprises Lance), she inspires him and explains that when Lance accepted Keith as leader, it showed he values a strong team over his personal glory and became Voltron’s right hand as King Alfor once did. Lance decisively promises the Princess he will honor that by not letting him down... Allura looks at him seriously and firmly replies: “Go...”. Lance picks up his helmet and launches in the Red Lion. Allura begins walking away (with her head slightly down) when the Blue Lion deactivates its particle barrier and roars to her, selecting her as its Paladin. Allura smiles and launches to join the fight (to everyone’s surprise and excitement upon her arrival). This is the first genuine moment between the two.


After the fight, Lance says goodbye to the Blue Lion since it has a special meaning for him after their adventures together: “I’m gonna miss you, buddy”. Allura pops up with her new pink Paladin armor (a color he approves and she picks to honor the previous Paladins and Shiro). To her surprise, Lance summons the Blue Bayard and gives it to her saying it now belongs to her. Not only that but he adds: “if I had to lose Blue to someone, I’m glad it was to you”. She seems touched by the remark and Lance’s sincerity (looking slightly down with a smile). This may indicate the start of Lance developing an affection for the Princess as he willingly gives away something he treasures and has significant value to him to her. Moreover, this implies that Allura is special and important to Lance since he preferred to cede Blue to her over anybody else.

NOTES: These events present several areas that serve as common ground and allows Allura and Lance to begin to bond:

  1. Allura has expressed certain insecurities about her leading capabilities for the coalition. Lance began to doubt and think himself as the goofball unworthy of being a Paladin. These insecurities present an occasion for them to open up to each other. In this case, she gives him a pep talk upon Black and Blue’s rejection.
  2. Allura knows that Lance wanted to become the Black Paladin while he knows how much it means for her to be the Red Paladin to follow her father’s footsteps. When none of this happens, they find support and comfort in one another. In this situation, she becomes Lance’s shoulder to lean upon and encourages him with her talk. He kind of becomes her shoulder when he decides to honor her father’s legacy (which is very important to her) and gives her the Blue Bayard to become a full Paladin.
  3. Since the Red Lion is Voltron’s right hand, Lance’s selection as its Paladin changes Allura’s view of him. He is no longer a flirting show-off who only thinks about himself and his glory. He is now the successor to King Alfor’s role. The responsibility of upholding this history changes Lance for the better and draws a mature, determined and heroic side of him, helping him become a better person.
  4. They have become Paladins of the same Lion. To an extent, this means they have similar personalities and traits.

Also, this episode shows certain similarities between Allura and Lance:

  1. They are both rejected by a Lion.
  2. They both whisper/beg for a Lion to work (Lance thinks this is his moment by becoming the new Black Paladin. Allura begs the Red Lion to choose her).
  3. They both show big disappointment when they are not selected to pilot the Lion they wished (Lance throws a little tantrum when the Black Lion does not respond. Allura cries and sobs when the Red Lion does not react).
  4. They both end up being selected by totally unexpected Lions (Lance becomes the new Red Paladin, and Allura becomes the new Blue Paladin).
  5. They both encourage a fellow Paladin to accept their new path (Lance encourages Keith to accept the Black Lion’s call. Allura encourages Lance to accept the Red Lion’s call).
  6. They “surrender” a Lion they treasure (Blue for Lance and Red for Allura).

In The Hunted, Lance radios Allura asking if she is holding up ok with the Blue Lion. She replies she is fine. Ironically, she crashed into Hunk a few moments before. This is the third time he shows genuine concern for the Princess, making this now a frequent thing on him.


Lotor engages the whole team himself. Since most of the team is with new Lions, they are not used to the controls. When Allura yells at the Blue Lion to obey her, Pidge, Lance and Hunk comment about that: Pidge doesn’t think yelling at the Lion works, Lance says he told her so only to be yelled at by Allura, and Hunk says she gets bossy and scary when under pressure... only for them to discover it is an open channel and she heard the whole thing, menacingly replying: “I can hear you...”. The other three yelp scared.


Falling into Lotor’s trap, the gang follows him to Thayserix where their Lions go blind and almost incommunicated. Allura crashes and separates from the group. A worried Lance tells Keith they should go back for her.


The team splits again, leaving Allura alone. She tries to communicate with the Blue Lion and questions herself what would Lance do. She imitates him flirting and throws a compliement to Blue’s control console. When this doesn’t work, she expresses doubt on herself again (“I cannot do this...”), understands she cannot control everything and should “go with the flow” (which is something Lance does often). This breaks the psychological barrier, allows Allura to connect with the Lion and unlocks her the Sonar Cannon and Ice Cannon. Despite Lotor’s attack, she turns the tables and disables his fighter, freezing one of his wings and forcing him to fall back.


Allura finds and regroups the team. Pidge asks how did she connect with her Lion to which she replies she had to take a mindset like Lance’s and not think so much. At first, Lance likes that but then stops when he interprets this as her implying he is an idiot. She awkwardly replies that is not the case prompting a funny scene of everyone poking and making fun of Lance.


In Tailing a Comet, the team infiltrates a Galra base. Lance has unlocked a second form of his Bayard: a sniper rifle. He provides cover for his teammates when they engage Galra sentinels. Allura manages to take out 5 of them in an impressive display of fighting skills and her Bayard (an energy whip). Lance witnessed everything and says: “Well... that was awesome!”. This is probably the first time Lance actually appreciate and respect Allura for who she is and what she does instead of being a mere target for his flirting.

Lance admits to Keith, a bit later, that the Princess has become the fastest learner of the whole group. Once again, this shows a growing respect for her because of her abilities and not because of her beauty.

Season 4


In Black Site, Pidge brings back her brother Matt after tracking him in the previous episode. Allura, Coran, the Altean mice, Shiro, Hunk, and Lance welcome them back. During introductions, Matt is totally taken aback by Allura’s beauty, seeing her with a pink heart-shaped vision and says she is beautiful and is an honor to meet her with a suave voice... Lance becomes totally enraged and consumed by jealousy, lurking behind Allura, growling, with a murderous look, yellow eyes, a horror movie background "music", and a red face. He shoots through his eyes some sort of stars that hit Matt in the eyes, causing him pain and breaking the trance he is in. When Pidge takes Matt on a tour of the Castle, Lance looks at him with angry and distrustful eyes, again growling. Curiously, nobody else notices any of this as if it didn’t happen. This is the biggest jealousy case Lance has ever displayed and most probably signals the start of his feelings for the Princess as he frequently worries for her safety or well being and has shown jealousy multiple times when someone approaches her. So far, this is one-sided as Allura has never shown any affection for him or jealousy when Lance is in contact with other women.


In A new Defender, Haggar activates a trap (which Allura senses) that disables Voltron with an increased gravity field and turns the planet Naxzela into a giant bomb. The gang goes to the planet’s nucleus which is a glowing sphere. Allura tries to disable it only to be zapped by the magical energy. The team has to pull her back and away of the sphere. The first one to run and grab her is Lance. When they successfully break her free, the only one to approach and ask her if she is okay is (again) Lance. This is another show of Lance’s growing feelings since this is the second time he puts himself in harm’s way without hesitation for her safety and integrity.


The Paladins return to Voltron trying to evacuate. The gravity pull traps them even deeper within the planet. While some try to think of something, Lance contacts Allura (who has her head down, sad/scared) and says that he knows that she can get them out of there by tapping into her magic. She doubts herself (again) as she is untrained. He insists that he is certain she can do it since she has done great things on her own, she was chosen by the Blue Lion and is the heart of Voltron. She asks for her father’s guidance and tries her magic. The Blue Lion’s cockpit lights up completely (most probably signaling a full connection between the Princess and her Lion) and emits a blue-ish aura that allows Voltron to fly and escape the trap. Lance smiles when he sees the aura. The Red Lion uses its laser to break the containment shield. Allura thanks Lance with a smile and a relieved/soft voice. He replies it was all on her.

NOTE: There are several things to note here:

  1. This is the second time that he becomes her shoulder. She once again expresses insecurities about herself and the one who supports her and helps her get through it is Lance.
  2. He tells her she is the heart of Voltron. Technically, that is incorrect since the Blue Lion forms the right leg. The Black Lion is the main body and head of Voltron. Also, in Allura’s explanation and selection of the Paladins in The Origin of Voltron, she explains that the Yellow Lion’s pilot puts the needs of others before his own and must have a mighty heart. This means the Yellow Paladin and Lion are the ones that lift and hold the team and Voltron together respectively, functioning as the heart of the group. This is a role that Hunk fulfills often (rather than Lance or Allura as the Blue Lions’s Paladins). This is a strong indicator that Allura now holds a special place in Lance’s (not Voltron’s) heart. He may have said that unconsciously or just to inspire her, but he has shown on several occasions jealousy, concern, respect or admiration for her as a sign of growing feelings.
  3. This is the second time she smiles because of Lance being her support in times of need.
  4. She whispers for King Alfor’s guidance. Curiously and coincidentally, the inspiring pep talk came from Lance who is now the Red Paladin, just as King Alfor once was.
  5. Nobody else thought of Allura’s magic getting them out of the situation. Normally, Pidge and Shiro are the ones that come up with plans or ideas to get them of trouble. Allura stated she sensed some darkness or negative energy when Haggar sprung the trap. Nobody noticed this except Lance. This also means he has noticed all the remarkable stuff the Allura does and doesn’t just see her for her beauty.
  6. This can be considered the second genuine moment between the two.

Season 5


In Blood Duel, Zarkon proposes a prisoner exchange: Sam Holt (Pidge’s and Matt’s father) for Lotor. The team is divided since Pidge wants her father back at any cost while others know it is a trap and Zarkon will double-cross them. Lotor knows this and talks about the possibility of a (friendly) relationship like the one Zarkon and King Alfor once had. The mere mention of this shocks Lance driving him to his jealous mode. He immediately sides with Pidge in order to get rid of Lotor.


In Post Mortem, Lotor is no longer held in a cell. He is sitting on the Castle bridge. Allura asks if he is okay and tries to comfort him telling him that he did something good by ending Zarkon’s rule. The gang enters the bridge. Lance is surprised (and slightly jealous) to see them together and comments about Lotor’s presence on the bridge.

Lotor announces that Zarkon’s death forces the Galra leaders to select someone to take the throne. He must go there to claim it. Allura does not agree as it is very dangerous and will require planning. Lance sides with her only to be told by Shiro it’s not his call (with a bit of aggressiveness, leaving Lance startled). Everyone else sides with the Princess, but Shiro overrules them all and imposes his plan of action. Tensions escalate leading to an argument between Shiro and Allura questioning his most recent decisions (like giving Lotor the Black Bayard).When Lance tries to intervene and calm things down, Shiro yells at Lance to stay out of it (with evident hostility, again leaving the Red Paladin shaken). This moment shows again that Lance puts the team and Allura’s safety first, very much like the Princess told him when he became the Red Paladin.


Lance goes to the training deck (possibly to clear his mind after what happened with Shiro). He uses his Bayard


assault rifle and sniper rifle until the practice drones overwhelm him. He then unlocks the third form of his Bayard: an Altean broadsword he uses to slice the drones. He is totally astonished by its power. Allura suddenly pops up and explains what it is (the same weapon her father used 10,000 years ago). He is surprised to see her and has no idea how it materialized. She tells him the Bayard has shown that he has greatness and has been noted by everyone. Lance replies Shiro doesn’t. They both get a bit sad with heads down. Allura tells Lance she is unsure what to do as she is constantly arguing with Shiro. He says they all are under a lot of pressure and Lotor’s presence is not helping. She thinks that fighting the Galra is easier than working with them. However, Lance gives her some advice: Shiro is not her enemy, and they both want what is best for the coalition. The Princess smiles and restores her good mood after listening him and agrees. She thanks him with relief in her voice and admits that talking to him has actually made her feel better. Lance (jokingly) takes a bit of offense asking what she means with “actually” (with a little smirk). They laugh for a moment. Finally, Allura places her hand on his shoulder (making Lance a bit tense/nervous) and suggests Lance that if he wants to control such a powerful sword (making a quick leg movement to trip him off-balance, throwing him to the floor and disarming him) he has to work on his stance.


NOTES: This is an extremely important interaction between the two as it confirms a growing trend: They open up, find solace, go for advice and know that the other will be there for support.


Several important details must be noted:

  1. King Alfor used the same weapon Lance has unlocked. This is another similarity between him and Lance that confirms what Allura said when Lance became the Red Paladin.
  2. Lance now gets nervous or startled when Allura makes physical contact or she is around (indicating he does have a crush and feelings for her).
  3. The Princess thinks Lance has greatness within him and says everyone has noticed it.
  4. The Princess again voices doubts about herself or what she should do. This is the third time he is her shoulder and the second she is for him.
  5. This is the third time she smiles because of an interaction with Lance.
  6. They share a laugh because of his joke and Allura gets the comfort she was seeking making this the third successful and genuine moment between the two.
  7. Lance once told Keith (Tailing a comet, in Season 3) that Allura was the fastest learner and best warrior within the Paladins. While she has bonded with her Lion quicker than the others, Lance is by far the most developed Paladin as he has unlocked 3 weapons from his Bayard (assault rifle, sniper rifle and broadsword). All the other Paladins have only one weapon or none at all: Keith has his sword, Pidge her taser/grappling hook, Hunk his mini-gun, Allura her energy whip and Shiro has not displayed any weapons from his Bayard. Plus, Lance has successfully piloted 2 Lions, including the most difficult to handle: Red.
  8. Despite Lance having the Red Bayard, the energy that transforms his sniper rifle into the broadsword is blue, the same color Allura’s whip is.

In 'Bloodlines, Lotor has taken the throne, becoming the new Emperor. He welcomes the gang to the Galra command ship/HQ (curiously, it was previously warped to a far region of the galaxy in season 1, Blackout. However, it is now back in the command system). He welcomes the group and allows them full access to the ship with a sentinel escort. Lotor takes Allura to a separate room. Coran and Shiro go to check their archives for information. Pidge, Hunk and Lance remain behind. Lance tries to go (and even makes a run for it) with Allura only to be stopped by the sentinel again displaying jealousy. The group reprograms the sentinel to wreak havoc, antics and shenanigans within the ship. Meanwhile, Allura and Lotor uncover clues that lead them to Oriande (and also bringing them closer, starting their romantic relationship).

In White Lion, Lotor accompanies the team in an expedition to find Oriande. The gateway is a dangerous white hole. Allura proposes to use Voltron to go. Coran opposes this (second by Lance) as he thinks this will mean their doom. When Lotor says this is not the case, Lance angrily tells him to zip it. This reaction may be caused by two factors: him having jealousy towards Lotor (again) and/or him trying to protect Allura. Either way, it is very brave (or stupid) to tell the new Galra Emperor to shut his mouth!
Lance adamantly opposes the idea to let Allura and Lotor go alone. Unfortunately for him, she insists to go and does so.

While they are away, Lance is desperate and nerve-wrecked. He frequently asks the other Paladins if they think Allura and Lotor are okay or coming back until Pidge expels him from the room (with Shiro’s babysitting him). Obviously, he is extremely worried for Allura.

The team is about to run out of oxygen on the Castle. Everyone is too weak to do anything. The last one to black out is Lance, and he sees with relief that Allura and Lotor are returning from Oriande. Allura reactivates the Castle and says she could not have achieved her goal without Lotor. Lance watches them with a suspicious look (raising an eyebrow) as he detects the flourishing relationship between the two.

Season 6


In Omega Shield as soon as they return, Lotor and Allura thank each other for what they have accomplished. Lance can only hear and look with anger and jealousy.


Team Voltron heads to Omega Shield station to protect it after Sendak’s attack. Hunk directs the team: Shiro and Pidge to reboot the generator while Allura and Lance repair the broken panel. Hunk realigns the other plates. Allura proposes to use the Ice Cannon to hold the pieces together. Lance complements the plan using the Fire Cannon to weld them. Allura agrees. He then fantasizes the Princess saying they are a great team working together, hugging himself as if Allura is doing so... only to have her hurry him (probably hearing everything). He realizes this and embarrassingly blushes with a big smile. This is a clear and undisputed display of Lance fantasizing and having feelings for the Princess.


The team repairs the station on time, but Shiro has a seizure attack (caused by Haggar’s link) causing the generator to fail. This starts a chain reaction that deactivates the shield. Lance sees the energy accumulate near the repaired panel. He realizes it is going to fail with Allura right next to it. He shouts “ALLURA!!!”, engages full thrusters and without a second thought uses the Red Lion to ram the Blue Lion out of harm’s way. The broken plate shorts out and causes a massive energy surge. In horror, Allura watches the Red Lion being engulfed in the surge, bolts of lightning emanating from it and hears Lance screaming in excruciating pain while being electrocuted... She gasps and cries “LANCE!”. She immediately ejects from the Blue Lion and uses her jet pack to go help him, desperately calling for Lance to respond (which he doesn’t)...


Panting, she enters the offline Red Lion cockpit and finds Lance unconscious. Shocked, she says: “no... no! NO!”. Allura puts her right hand on his right shoulder (hugging him) and puts her left arm in his helmet, closing her eyes. She taps into her magic

and glows in a bright blue aura. Lance’s body begins to glow shortly after. As their blue aura shines brighter and brighter, the Red Lion’s eyes become lit and growls ferociously. Hunk realigns the broken piece from the damaged panel. Just as the sun’s radiation is about to hit and consume them in a fiery inferno, Allura is seen hugging Lance’s head caringly. In the nick of time, Pidge manages to reactivate the generator. The shield rises and deflects the radiation.


Our hero slowly opens his eyes to find the Princess in front of him. She watches him with extreme relief, glittering eyes and a little smile. Lance can only whisper: “You saved me...”. Holding his hand, she replies: “I owed you one...”.


The team leaves the station in their Lions. Lance is seen hugging himself (again fantasizing about Allura) and remembering what just happened with her. Simultaneously, she drives her Lion with the same glittering eyes and a little smile.


NOTES: There is a lot of things on this episode to consider:

  1. This is the fourth and most emotional moment to this point between the two.
  2. After bringing him back, Allura smiles during this interaction. This marks the fourth time she has done so.
  3. It is undeniable that Lance has fallen for her. He literally sacrificed himself to save her as the surge would’ve killed Allura, and nobody would have been able to bring her back.
  4. This most probably marks the start of Allura reciprocating his feelings:
    • She immediately ejects from the Lion to go help him.
    • She shows desperation and despair when he finds him unresponsive.
    • She hugs him (slightly) when she uses her magic to revive him and hugs him again with genuine affection when the radiation is about to kill them.
    • Finally, when he resuscitates, she is extremely relieved and smiles while holding his hand.
  5. Allura has never shown such care or worry for anybody else, not even Lotor (despite having a relationship with him).
  6. She really appreciates what he did for her as she acknowledges that he saved her from serious injury or death.
  7. The aura Allura casts shines lightly only around her. When the aura glows around Lance, the amount of light that shines grows exponentially. This may be a physical manifestation of their growing affection (mostly by Lance).

Unfortunately, the following episode Razor’s edge does not fare well for the poor Red Paladin. Lotor and Allura have a moment while Allura enhances the third Sincline ship Lotor is building. It is very clear they are in a serious relationship as Lotor warmly thanks her for her help and the Princess closes her eyes searching for a kiss. Pidge, Hunk and Lance enter the room and interrupt them (Lance being visibly upset). He very awkwardly drops a toolbox causing a lot of noise. Allura becomes embarrassed, and they politely decline their offer to help. Lance insists only to be totally ignored. He leaves the hangar very disappointed.


Pidge and Hunk experiment with some Galra and Altean tech in the Green Lion’s hangar. Lance is sitting near them in front of a console. They ask him to test their experiment. He does not listen and only stares at the table, very sad, obviously hurt, depressed and disappointed. So, they begin to tease him, which initially angers Lance. However, he soon returns to his sad state, heartbroken and apparently realizing his dream of having a relationship with Allura has been crushed if not destroyed.


Lance retires to the Castle lounge, alone. The Altean mice approach him. He asks if they also come to poke and make fun of him while one of them partially enters his mouth. Angrily, he grabs them and demands to be left alone (the mice being a bit scared). He releases them and sighs. He opens up to the mice and confesses he used to make fun of heartbroken people (him often being the cause) until he met Allura. He likes her unlike any other girl because she is brave, intelligent and inspires him to be a better person. The mice listen closely. He thinks he cannot confess her feelings for Allura: she would reject him, he has nothing to offer her, and he cannot compare to a “space prince” like Lotor while he is a simple guy from Cuba. This is the first time he has openly and directly admitted he does have feelings and love for the Princess.


Allura has another moment with Lotor, blushing when he thanks her for their achievements. She retreats to her room in the Castle and finds the Altean mice. She seems happy and asks how are they. They look cleaner so she asks if someone gave them a bath. One of them combs its hair and does a Lance-like pose. She is amazed to hear it and asks if they are friends and how did that happen. One of them dances around the first one, and both use their tails to form a heart. This means the mice heard the whole thing and have telepathically confessed Lance’s feelings/love for Allura. She is stunned by this revelation, at a loss of words (only asking if he did say that) and is left confused and shaken. As much as she cares for Lance, she cannot ignore her growing attraction to Lotor or their working relationship.


In Monsters and Mana, Pidge, Hunk, Shiro and Coran play a video game. Allura and Lance enter the room together and ask what is going on. Hunk and Pidge play while their experiment progresses, Shiro to clear his head, Allura says Lotor is busy with the empire (the mere mention of Lotor upsets Lance), is stuck with the Sincline ship (the mention of her impasse makes the sound of a bell ding while Lance smiles slightly) and thinks it sounds fun. He identifies this as an opportunity to spend some time with the Princess and joins too. Curiously, Allura has a smirk on her face when she makes the comment about her delay. It is possible she did this deliberately to draw Lance’s attention. She has seen him play the video game console he bought with Pidge. So, it seems that video gaming is a thing they have in common.

Allura joins as an archer/hunter while Lance joins as a thief/ninja. In one of their adventures, they are trapped in a sort of tar pit. They beat the game. The excited Princess enjoyed the long time they’ve played. Lance tells her they had a good time together which she admits. Lotor summons her and she leaves. Lance again becomes sad and disappointed and signs to play again (with Shiro and Coran).


In The Colony Lotor and Allura take the newest Sincline ship to enter the Quintessence field. Before entering, a worried Lance tells Allura to get back safe. She replies she will. Despite Allura’s relationship with Lotor, he still cares deeply for her, constantly fearing for her safety above all else.


Keith arrives in an Altean capsule with his mother, the Galra Krolia, their pet wolf Kosmo (named episodes later) and Romelle, an Altean from a hidden colony run by Lotor. Lotor has deceived them all along. Keith wants to attack and capture him immediately but Lance stops him since Allura is with him and could get hurt. A thing to note here


(besides Lance’s concern for the Princess) is that Lance does not try to hit on nor flirt with Romelle. He never lets the opportunity pass by to flirt or interact with other girls (like Nyma, the Sirens, some girls he and Hunk liberated in season 3’s beginning, etc.). Despite her being very pretty, it is obvious at this point that he only has space for one woman in his heart: Allura.


Lotor and Allura leave the Quintessence field. Before they land, Romelle demands they attack and, again, Lance stops this.


Lotor and Allura land on the Castle and have a kiss in the hangar. They enter the Castle bridge to find everybody there. Keith draws his Marmoran sword and Krolia her gun. The first and only Paladin to draw his Bayard is Lance (his assault rifle) and decisively orders Allura to get away from the Emperor. She does not do that and even shields him from Lance’s weapon (showing that she does love him as she tries to protect him, even from her friends in Team Voltron). Romelle reveals herself to Allura and Lotor’s treachery: Lotor has been harvesting Quintessence from Alteans, killing thousands of them including Romelle’s family. Pidge states he has been lying to them the whole time and is nothing but a monster. Allura is in total shock. Lotor, however, does not deny the accusations. He tries to justify the death of a few to save the more (admitting he DID kill those people). Allura is absolutely crushed and extremely hurt by this confession. When Lotor touches her, the Princess becomes furious and tosses him, smashing him to the floor with incredible force (knocking him out). This obviously means their relationship is broken, and the Princess does not believe (much less love) him anymore.


Haggar possesses Shiro while Lotor’s ex-generals steal two Sincline ships (now working for the witch). Lance orders Hunk to take care of Shiro, he and Allura will

tie down Lotor while the rest stops the ships. The possessed Shiro develops purple-ish eyes and punches Hunk with enough force to throw him across the room, knocking him and Coran out. He does the same with Lance (as he flies across the room, Allura cries his name with evident concern). The next two to be knocked out are Romelle and the Princess.

Allura helps Lance get back up, carrying him with his arm around her. She looks at him in a caring way since he is injured after Shiro went berserk.


In All good things Pidge, Hunk and Coran try to repair the Castle after Shiro (revealed to be a clone under Haggar’s control) released a virus that disabled the ship. Coran asks Allura to reboot the system. She is lost in thought and does not listen. It is crystal clear she is extremely hurt by Lotor’s treason and more vulnerable than ever. She reacts only when Lance calls her by name. She slowly inputs some commands into the virtual console. The Red Paladin notices this and knows she is in terrible pain. The repair fails. Krolia and Romelle leave to assist, leaving Lance and Allura alone. It is worth noticing that everybody witnessed Lotor’s betrayal and that it hurt the Princess. However, nobody asks or approaches (much less do anything) to check on her.


Lance walks right next to Allura and asks if she is okay. She replies that she is extremely angry at herself for falling in Lotor’s trap and blames herself for their current situation. Lance responds by telling her that it is not her fault but Shiro’s by releasing the virus. She insists it is her fault by giving Lotor what he wanted (the Sincline ships and access to the Quintessence field) and expresses doubts about herself, afraid that the coalition cannot and will not trust her since she cannot even trust herself. She does this in a serious and angry tone and mask (pretending to be tough or fine). However, Lance sees through all this. He correctly states that ALL of them trusted and were fooled by the Emperor, indirectly telling her again she is not the only one to blame and is not her fault. With her emotional barriers destroyed, she looks at him for an instant before quickly and desperately hugging him (burying her head in his left shoulder). He softly hugs her back. He then comforts and inspires her, giving her some advice from his experience from his many mistakes: all she can do is try to get up and fix it. She cannot doubt herself as everybody needs her right now. With a torrent of tears on her eyes and cheeks and relief and comfort on her voice, she can only say (crying): “Thank you, Lance...”.


NOTES: After this incredible and emotional scene, these things pop out:

  1. This is the fourth time Lance is Allura’s shoulder (in this case, literally).
  2. This is the fifth and most important moment between the two.
  3. Similar to what happened in Omega Shield where nobody helped or asked for Lance except Allura, this time the roles reverse. The only one to do anything to comfort Allura is Lance.
  4. Lance is by far the character that has been the most frequent go-to for Allura in times of need: for advice, comfort, support, help and now it seems love.
  5. It is clear Allura loved Lotor. However, it is unknown if Lotor’s feelings for her were real or just an act to manipulate Allura. After all, he has shown to be a master strategist and a cunning tactician. He can turn the tables with a few sentences and observations that can persuade almost anyone. He and the series staff say it was genuine, but this can be contested: He admits to Zethrid and Ezor that his deceit to them was necessary to gain the Paladins’ trust. Allura accuses him to betraying him, and he doesn’t deny it. Finally, Allura tells him he is as bad as Zarkon. Not only he does not deny it (despite being a massive insult to him), he actually orders to open fire on Team Voltron and continues to do so with intent to kill even before being driven insane.
  6. Lotor’s betrayal left a big vacuum in Allura’s heart. It seems that there was someone else there too: Lance. Moreover, this is the second time she hugs him with affection.
  7. Allura blames herself for what has happened. In reality, none of this can be attributed to her: Nobody knew Shiro was a clone being controlled by Haggar (not even Lotor). Nobody knew about the Altean colony so there was no way to know that Lotor was a bad guy until Keith returned. The Emperor himself failed the Oriande test to uncover the Altean alchemy. Lance himself admits that he knew not to trust him but did. She may have said this because of her anger, but Lance is the first to see through her act and be there to be her bastion.
  8. Allura has not said or done anything about Lance’s feelings which she knows about. However, since she was left hurt and vulnerable after what happened with the Emperor, it is very possible she wanted to be with her trusted friend as he has been there for her time and time again.
  9. The hugs and tears may be considered the start of Allura realizing her feelings for Lance.

In the Defender of All Universes, after the climactic battle with Lotor, the Castle of Lions is sacrificed and destroyed to avoid a catastrophe. Shiro’s spirit is contained in the Black Lion. Lance becomes agitated because he did hear Shiro calling out to him but did not respond in a previous mission. Allura puts her hand on his shoulder and calms him with a smile before using her magic to “implant” Shiro’s soul into the clone body, essentially bringing him back. This is the third time she acts as Lance’s shoulder.

Season 7


During their travel back to Earth in The Ruins the team gets some rest. Everybody is sleeping deeply before Keith and Krolia wake them to maintain some discipline. Lance complains it is pointless since there is no day nor night in space. As incredible this may sound, Allura immediately agrees with him before lazily asking for extra sleeping time. This is very similar to a scene in Some Assembly Required albeit the roles are almost inverted. It seems by this scene that Lance and Allura hate being woken, like to sleep and can be considered slackers (to a degree).


In Heart of the Lion, we see three little but important moments.


The team has returned to Earth but is occupied by Sendak’s forces. To gather information, they must infiltrate an installation. Lance, Veronica (Lance’s sister) and Hunk are part of the sniper team while Keith, Kosmo, Allura and Pidge are part of the ground/infiltration team. Allura remains outside but is spotted. The sniper team dispatches the Galra patrol and save Allura and Griffin. Once clear, Allura looks back at Lance and thanks him. Lance replies “No problem” with a smile (seeing her through his scope). Veronica immediately detects the attraction and notices something going on between the two. She approaches Lance and comments that Allura is pretty (with a mischievous look and smile). This makes Lance nervous and causes him to shake while blushing slightly. He denies knowing what she is talking about. Allura interrupts as they have incoming. He saves Allura and Griffin again (with Kincaid) when more patrols arrive.


Veronica is the third character in the show that notices Lance having a crush/love for Allura, and she detects it immediately at the first interaction she witnesses. The first two are Hunk and Pidge (who made fun of Lance) in Razor’s Edge. Also, this can be considered the second time Lance saves Allura (the first on Omega Shield) from serious harm. Finally, this is the fourth time Allura thanks Lance directly for being there for her or saving her (in Naxzela, for his pep talk; in the training room, for making her feel better after her argument with Shiro; in the Castle bridge, when he comforted her after Lotor’s betrayal and now). Interestingly, it seems she only thanks him and not the team. This would be the sixth moment between them.


The team and the Garrison come up with a plan to liberate Earth. The team has to separate with every Lion attacking a different installation. Veronica and Lance prepare a Jeep vehicle. Allura approaches and calls him, to his surprise. Stuttering, she states she wants to say something. Veronica notices this and temporarily hides away to give them privacy. Allura tells him with very red cheeks, a soft voice, and a smile to stay safe. Lance is also blushing and smiles at her. He wishes her the same. Allura slowly turns around and walks away. Lance is in a trance with a big smile and red cheeks... until Veronica (again, very perceptive) comments with a little smile: “Looks like the Princess likes you back...”. Lance immediately goes into the defensive and denial, shouting “WHAAAT?!?!”. He “explains” she cares about everyone because she is awesome like that...

NOTES: Five things here:

  1. This is the first time Allura has shown clear evidence of feelings for Lance. She blushes almost through the whole thing and stammers before talking to him. Throughout the whole show, Allura has never stuttered AND blushed for anyone (not even Lotor).
  2. She did not do this to anyone else meaning Lance means a lot to her and now (very probably) in a romantic way.
  3. Lance’s explanation is total nonsense since Allura did not wish the other Paladins good luck and her caring of anyone has nothing to do with her being awesome to him. So far, Lance has stated Allura is special, courageous, smart, inspiring and now awesome.
  4. This is the first time that Allura blushes for him.
  5. Most probably, Veronica does this to try to give Lance a little push to go get the Princess as she noticed he truly likes/loves her and viceversa.
  6. This is the seventh moment between the two.

When the assault commences, Veronica and Lance are under heavy fire. The vehicle crashes, temporarily silencing Lance. Allura hears this on the radio and screams Lance’s name (with evident worry). This is the second time she cries his name when Lance is in trouble or has suffered injury.


In Lion’s Pride Part 1, the team must face Sendak’s fleet and his Zaiforge cannons. Shiro faces Sendak and manages to disable one. The team is hit and lose consciousness momentarily. The first to wake up is Lance. With a titanic effort, our hero hits his thrusters and resumes the attack on the cannons. Allura wakes up next and sees the brave Paladin engage them. She whispers his name. With extreme courage and an emotional voice, our heroine says: “Hang on... I’m coming to help...”. She accelerates and joins him. Together, they destroy another cannon and heavily damage the third. The rest of the team rejoins the battle and launch a final assault that destroys the cannons, saving Earth. This is the second time Allura and Lance work together with tremendous success, saving two planets from destruction (before being joined by their comrades). First, it was in Naxzela. Now, they save Earth as their efforts weaken the beam, buying time to finish the offensive.


Sendak’s flagship crash-lands. He moves to kill Shiro until Keith saves him, slicing the Galra in half with his Black Bayard. The Paladins cheer in their Lions. Lance looks to Allura’s Lion with a smile. She was doing the same before blushing and smiling. This shows the connection between the two as they are able to feel the other watching and smile every time with affection. They are interrupted by a Robeast arriving.

Finally, in Lion’s Pride Part 2, the battle is won and Earth is being rebuilt. During the cleanup, the Red and Blue Lions are seen working together to lift a big pile of rubble.


Also, when the Paladins are recovering at the hospital, we see Allura’s room while the mice, Coran and Romelle are visiting her. There is a small vase with flowers, right next to a small card with a stick-figure drawn. The figure is in blue ink (Lance’s armor color), hair resembling Lance's, Voltron’s logo in the chest (suggesting it came from a Paladin), winking an eye, a big smile, blowing a kiss and a little heart right next to it. It is almost certain that it came from Lance wishing the Princess to get well.


Fans of the ship Allurance were small in number to begin with, but as more seasons arrived, the number slowly grew before shooting up after season 3, possibly becoming the most popular hetero ship in the fandom at this current time.

Fanart of the two, whether it be romantic or platonic, is becoming more common to see while looking through the fandom. Fans of the ship often enjoy depicting the two hanging out while doing activities like shopping, beauty treatments, sharing sweet treats, and other fun hobbies. It's from this, along with a favored pastel-colored theme, that some fans affectionately dub the ship "Cotton Candy".

During New York Comic Con 2017, Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery (both executive producers and co-showrunners for the show) were asked what Lance would look for or need in a romantic partner. Lauren responded with "I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself." Some fans believe this fits Allura and the direction the development between Lance and Allura is taking in the show.

Behind the Scenes

Showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery on Aug 10, 2018. Among other things, some romantic subplots were discussed. They said:

“We really wanted to focus the beginning of our show on making sure each of these characters had a fully formed arc and a fully formed self before they started doing anything beyond that so that none of these characters felt solely defined by being solely ‘the girlfriend’ or ‘the boyfriend’ or ‘the whatever’ of ‘whoever,’. Now I think that you can look at every character and really feel like they’ve grown personally — maybe they feel a little more comfortable in themselves to feel comfortable looking beyond themselves.”
“I think things evolve. You know, we’re the rare situation where we have this many episodes to serialize a story and character arcs. So, I think while initially romantic interpersonal relations weren’t really the driving factor of the show, things naturally evolve.”
—Dos Santos.

This hints that the possibility of Allurance going full circle and Lance and Allura finally being together does exist.



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  • The ship mainly had a small following for the first two seasons, but quickly grew after the events of seasons 3 and 4, where the two characters shared some key moments in the show.
  • In the original series, all the paladins had a crush on Allura. Lance is the only one whose crush carried over.
  • Lance is the first character to interact with Allura after she awoke from her 10,000 year slumber in a healing pod.
  • Lance flirts with Allura a total of 8 times. 7 of them are unsuccessful. The only one that has a positive effect on the Princess is when he offers to take her shopping.
  • Allura displays annoyance at Lance's advances or behavior a total of 8 times. Most often, she puts flat eyes after his quip.
  • Lance gets jealous 10 times due to other characters getting close or trying to hit on Allura.
  • Lance shows genuine concern for the Princess 14 times. She displays it 10 times.
  • They have a total of 7 moments/emotional interactions.
  • After season 4, Lance's Paladin vlog was released where he spent a lot of it talking about moments with Allura; he's even seen blushing while saying "Yeah, she's great"


Hallurance refers to the ship between Hunk, Lance and Allura
Kallurance refers to the ship between Keith, Lance and Allura
Shallurance refers to the ship between Shiro, Lance and Allura



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