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Allurance is the het ship between Allura and Lance from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 1

Lance was the first character to interact with Allura after she awoke from her 10,000 year slumber in a healing pod. She falls into his arms and Lance tried to pull off a smooth "Hello"; as Allura became more alert she, realized he wasn't familiar and pinned him to the ground in self-defense before asking everyone who he was and what was happening.

Throughout season 1, most of the interactions between the two consist of Lance attempting to flirt with Allura with the odd chat-up line and flirtatious "quip," but Allura seems unimpressed with his advances. During episode 10 (Collection and Extraction), Lance asks Pidge and Hunk "Does Allura talk about me when I'm not in the room?" to which Hunk jokingly replies with fake Allura quotes getting Lance all excited before Lance is smacked in the face by a robot sentry Pidge was tampering with.

Season 2

Season 2 follows a similar pattern with their relationship as season 1. Lance continues to flirt with Allura when he can, while Allura remains disinterested. In episode 6 (The Ark of Taujeer), Allura runs away with Keith during the night in a pod to test whether Zarkon is tracking them via one of them. When the pod, princess, and paladin are discovered to be missing, Lance becomes suspicious and follows up a command from Shiro to contact the pod with a very demanding "Yes! Contact that pod!"; this is possibly Lance displaying jealousy that Allura might be running away with another. He questions Keith about Allura as the two fly back to the team toward the end of the episode again, seeming concerned and possibly jealous. During episode 7 (Space Mall), Lance offers to take Allura shopping for "something sparkly," which Allura shows genuine interest in, notably getting excited before Coran denies her the chance to come with him and paladins to the space mall.

Season 3

Season 3 begins to shift their relationship to a much less "rocky" state as Lance tones down on his flirtatious behavior toward Allura and starts to show genuine respect for her, making their friendship a lot more positive. In episode 2 (The Red Paladin), the Blue Lion refuses to open up for Lance, leaving him standing in front of her confused and saddened; Allura rushes down to try to help him. This is when they hear the Red Lion roar, to which Allura says it's Red calling out for Lance. She encourages Lance to race to Red, giving him a short but emotional pep talk on the Red Lion, it's connection to her father (King Alfor), the importance of being the red paladin, and how he should honor the calling to step up to the role. Lance becomes serious, respects what Allura just shared with him, and reassures her that he "won't let [Alfor] down.". As the episode comes to it's climax, Allura meets up with Lance in the Blue Lion's bay, where Lance hands the blue bayard to Allura and says "If I had to lose Blue to someone, I'm glad it was you" with a soft voice and expression of genuine affection and/or pride. In episode 6 (Tailing The Comet), Lance is seen watching in awe as Allura takes on some Galra sentries with ease; after she defeats the final one, Lance comments "Well, that was awesome!".

Season 4

Season 4 brings some more key moments between Allura and Lance as the battle with the Galra heats up. In episode 6 (A New Defender), the paladins are trapped on a planet that has also been made into a bomb. In an attempt to prevent the planet from exploding, Allura tries to interact with a gathering of energy they find at the core of the planet, but she is caught in the energy. Lance immediately rushes in to pull her free before the other paladins join to help. They pull her free and all fall to the ground; but again, Lance is the first to rush over to Allura to make sure she's okay. Later, the paladins find themselves struggling to move Voltron; before all hope is lost, Lance speaks up and gives a speech to Allura, reminding her of her connection to the magic, the things she's achieved, and how important she's been in bringing Voltron together, reassuring her that she can be the one to save them. Lance's words work, and Allura saves the team giving a "Thank you, Lance" before Lance responds with "That was all you." Both of them give each other smiles as they speak.

Season 5

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After season 4, Lance's paladin vlog was released where he spent a lot of it talking about moments with Allura; he's even seen blushing while saying "Yeah, she's great".

Season 6

In Season 6, he begins to develop feelings for her, which she does not reciprocate, as she is in a romantic relationship with Lotor. Lance's response is to be extremely jealous of Lotor, and compare himself negatively to Lotor.


Season 1

The Rise of Voltron

  • Allura congratulates the team, Lance says, "Thanks, pretty lady."

Collection and Extraction

  • During Lance's fantasy, Allura is at his feet, looking up at him in awe.

Season 7

Heart of the Lion

  • All while blushing, Allura wishes Lance to "stay safe out there," something she didn't tell the other Paladins.


Fans of the ship Allurance were small in number to begin with, but as more seasons arrived, the number slowly grew before shooting up after season 3, possibly becoming the most popular hetero ship in the fandom at this current time.

Fanart of the two, whether it be romantic or platonic, is becoming more common to see while looking through the fandom. Fans of the ship often enjoy depicting the two hanging out while doing activities like shopping, beauty treatments, sharing sweet treats, and other fun hobbies. It's from this, along with a favored pastel-colored theme, that some fans affectionately dub the ship "Cotton Candy".

During New York Comic Con 2017, Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery (both executive producers and co-showrunners for the show) were asked what Lance would look for or need in a romantic partner. Lauren responded with "I think he needs someone who is self-assured and knows herself, so that he can kind of become that same person and know himself." Some fans believe this fits Allura and the direction the development between Lance and Allura is taking in the show.



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  • The ship mainly had a small following for the first two seasons, but quickly grew after the events of seasons 3 and 4, where the two characters shared some key moments in the show.
  • In the original series, all the paladins had a crush on Allura. Lance is the only one whose crush carried over.


Hallurance refers to the ship between Hunk, Lance and Allura
Kallurance refers to the ship between Keith, Lance and Allura
Shallurance refers to the ship between Shiro, Lance and Allura



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