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AkuKai is a Het ship between Axel and Kairi in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Axel first met Kairi when he went to visit her on the beach in Destiny Islands. Sora was busy traveling the worlds so Organization XIII was going to kidnap her and use her as bait to fuel Sora into destroying more heartless and possibly re-releasing Roxas. Axel decided to prevent this and arrived to try and convinced Kairi to leave with him. He even commented that he already felt like they were friends but she did not trust him and followed Pluto instead.

Kairi managed to escape to Twilight Town were she sought refuge. However, Axel later arrived there in a corridor of darkness and took Kairi away by force. It turns out that Axel just wanted to make sure that she was safe from the rest of the organization but Saïx eventually intervened and captured Kairi. Axel later met Sora and explained what happened. He sacrificed his life so that Sora could make his way to her and asked to apologize to her on his behalf.


AkuKai has a small amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. Kairi is shipped with nearly every member of Organization XIII and Axel is no exception. This ship is mainly based around the fact that Axel attempted to befriend Kairi on the beach and prevent the organization from capturing her. The fact that he felt sorry for taking her by force also showed signs that he had a heart which many fans liked.


  • Lea and Kairi are now training together under Yen Sid due to discovering their abilities to wield a keyblade.