AkuDemy is a Slash ship between Axel and Demyx in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Not much has been shown about the relationship between Axel and Demyx. Since they are numbers VIII and IX of the organization, Demyx would have been the next to join right after Axel. It was shown that Axel liked to tease Demyx and make fun of him behind his back. This was especially shown when Axel was talking to Roxas about him. Axel mentioned that Demyx has no talent and would be very upset if he were to lose his sitar. In the manga only, Demyx plays a prank on Axel with a whoopee cushion.


AkuDemy is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts ship despite the fact that the two have not been seen interacting that much. The two did not seem to get along that much and it turns out that Axel looks down on Demyx. However, this does not stop the fans from shipping them together. Some feel that their personalities would mix very well and this is why many fans ship Axel and Demyx together.


  • Axel and Demyx control opposite elements which are fire and water respectively.